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Gallery wall at Office Evolution Hillsboro of Malaina Kinne Photography of flowers

Office Evolution Hillsboro is proud to sponsor the Studio oe Showcase featuring Malaina Kinne Photography

Studio oe Showcase – Malaina Kinne

Malaina Kinne is a photographer based in Beaverton, Oregon. She moved from Idaho with her family when she was 9 years old and has lived in Oregon for over 30 years. She enjoyed taking photos even as a kid, but never knew it would become a creative outlet.

With years spent in both the accounting and fitness industries, a new career in photography happened after her husband gifted her a camera.

She specializes in product photography, but also enjoys discovering and capturing the small things up close, whether it’s water droplets, bees, flowers, or anything that brings wonder.

Studio oe Showcase - Malaina Kinne
Malaina Kinne day lily photograph
Malaina Kinne Photography at Office Evolution Hillsboro
Sunflower canvas print by Malaina Kinne Photography

To purchase a canvas image on display contact Malaina Kinne at

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