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Great product photography is often the reason a potential customer stops to learn more, or simply scrolls on.

Product photography is essential to your business. These photos are your first impression to potential customers. The initial assumption is – if the photo looks nice, the product must be too. And vise versa, if the photo is low quality, the immediate thought is – so is the product.

Let’s create an amazing first impression!

To create the ideal photo there are many considerations and you must portray your very best. However, some of us simply can’t afford a high budget photo shoot.

This is where Studio oe comes in. We provide the backdrops, shooting table, and professional lighting. Since the lights have continuous output (not a flash/strobe), a professional camera isn’t required to take advantage of the lighting. The light is consistent throughout your shoot. Bring in the best camera you have, even if that is the one on your phone. The studio equipment will help produce a high quality image.

Product Photography Style Guide | Studio oe | Ridgetop Farm and Garden | farm girl necklace

Looking for shoot ideas? Different products require different styles. Below are a few basic ideas to get your started.

Product Photography Studio oe | metal bear sculpture | white background

White Background

The primary reason to use the white background technique is so your product is the focus of the shot.

Pro Tip:
Be sure to light the backdrop, as well as the product. Otherwise the white backdrop will appear a dull gray.

Product Photography Gallery | Studio oe | Pacific Northwest rainy day coffee | lifestyle photography


Lifestyle photography is used to connect with your audience. These images often tell a story or create emotion. They work especially well on social media.

Product Photography Gallery | Studio oe | eCommerce | Ridgetop Farm and Garden | Whiskey girl goat milk soap


To compete today, great eCommerce photography is a must. These photos directly impact your conversion rate.

A combination of styles may be necessary. Your online shop may require multiple angles of your product shot on a white background. But for emotional engagement you might decide to also add a lifestyle shot.

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